•  Where are you located? 

We are located at 600 Keith Dr. Greenville, SC 29607  At the corner of Pleasantburg Dr and just down the road from I 385 

  •  Where are you located?

  Our Murrells Inlet/Garden City location is at 3100 Highway 17 Business  29576  We are located about 1.5 miles from Garden City Pier; less than a  5 minute drive. about a half mile from the intersection of Atlantic  Ave. 

  • What food do you have at the Greenville bar?

We  do not have an extensive menu.  At this time we have hotdogs, nachos,  bbq sandwiches, and pizza(either just cheese or pepperoni and potato  chips. 

  • How should I dress for the themed parties?

We  do not require you to dress up for the parties.  Dressing up does make  it more fun in our opinion(especially since they usually have a sexual  theme) but not required.  We have people that attend the parties that  dress to match the theme and we have people that don't.  You can't go  wrong either way!

  • I'm under 21 years old; am I allowed in the bar?

We  apologize, but our policy is no one under 21.   We have a strict "no  drinking" policy for anyone under 21.  Anytime in the past we have  allowed anyone under 21 to come in the bar, we have had to kick them out  for trying to drink or causing drama.  

  • Where are you located?

We are located at 600 Keith Dr. Greenville, SC 29607  At the corner of Pleasantburg Dr and just down the road from I 385

What food do you have at the Murrells Inlet bar?​

 At  the moment we have chicken wings, boneless chicken, cheeseburgers,  tater tots, cheese stuffed onion rings, quesadillas, fried pickles,  sliders,  fried tequila, tacos, and nachos.  Visit the "food menu" page  for details regarding food under "coastal location".  

  • Is there a dress code?/ how should I dress?

There  isn't a dress code.  Most of our customers, especially on the weekends,  dress up(or down).   Dressing sexy is appreciated but certainly not  required.  The best answer to this question depends on what you are  looking to get out of a night out.

  • Is there a cover charge?

No, we do not charge a cover. 

  • Can I reserve the room up front with couches at the Greenville location?

Yes.  It is $50 for the night and comes with a complimentary bottle of wine.

  • How often/when do you have a themed party?

We  have themed parties monthly.  Most of them are on Saturday nights.   Dates and details concerning upcoming parties are under the "events"  link.  For the Murrells Inlet/Garden City location; there is a group on  SLS, "Gaslight Coastal Connections" that posts events.  The group is  trying to have a minimum of 3 events a month.